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MPSEC American’s Maritime Workforce Relaunch Forum

MPSEC (Maritime Primary and Secondary Education Coalition) relaunched its efforts to bring together interested educators, administrators, program managers and maritime industry members to get an update on maritime education and how we can get students engaged in being part of America’s maritime workforce. You can watch the recording here to see how this forum was an opportunity to gather, network, and rebuild MPSEC as a resource to maritime and marine science educators. Stay on the lookout for our newsletter and more MPSEC content!

MARAD Centers of Excellence

Exploring the US Maritime Administration’s Centers of Excellence Program

MPSEC was delighted to partner with Tall Ships America to explore the CoE program. We heard from Gerard Wall, the Centers of Excellence for Domestic Maritime Workforce Training and Education Program Manager for the US Maritime Administration’s Office of Maritime Labor and Training, Captain Sarah Hirsch, Captain Jonathan Kabak, and Captain Aaron Singh with moderation by Carleen Lyden Walker.

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MPSEC: Maritime Workforce Pathways Webinar

Monday, October 17th at 1600 EST

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