Offshore refers to the activities that may take place beyond the coastal zone. These include both renewable energy sources such as wind farms, or oil and gas exploration.

Offshore wind turbines are often installed in deeper waters where the wind is stronger and more consistent. With the ability to generate significant amounts of renewable energy, wind farms have become increasingly important in decreasing our reliance on fossil fuels.

Offshore drilling platforms, or oil rigs, are used to explore and extract oil and gas reserves that may be found beneath the ocean floor. These platforms can be fixed or floating, and typically include facilities and equipment such as rigs, pumps, pipelines, and storage tanks. 


Collaborate and develop partnerships with educational institutions to ensure the industry has a pipeline of skilled workers.

Develop targeted resources and information that prioritize the skills and knowledge required for operations, installations, maintenance, and repairs of offshore industries.

Create career growth pathways for the potential and current workforce in offshore industries. 

Offshore Resources

From top news headlines, regulatory challenges and solutions, and education resources, MPSEC has a compendium of information for students, educators, and industry stakeholders. 

Advancing Offshore Wind Energy in the United States

The U.S. Department of Energy (DOE) has been a global leader in supporting critical wind energy research, development, demonstration, and deployment for decades... 

The University of Massachusetts Wind Energy Center hosts the country's oldest and best known energy education program offering master's and doctoral-level degrees specializing...

This database of lesson plans and related materials is available to help educators learn and teach about wind power. Explore these resources to better understand wind power! 

Careers in Maritime

Discover maritime professions with job descriptions, salary ranges, & qualifications. MPSEC thanks coalition member, RiverWorks Discovery, for this invaluable resource!

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