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We believe in empowering our youth through exposure to the marine and maritime industry and that it should start early in education. It should also expose students to the many challenges and solutions both communities face. This offers preparation for the next generation of ocean scientists, managers, educators, and leaders with exposure to diverse educational opportunities. Formal education may only reach students for a limited time while informal education is needed to foster lifelong learning.

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Maritime Academies

Maritime Academies produce more than 70% of the new U.S. officers licensed. This sector provides a breakdown of the academies, upcoming events and publications.

Maritime Pedagogy

This sector gathers kindergarten through grade twelve resource materials and articles related to integrating maritime and marine topics across the curriculum. Topics include best practices and hands-on interactive methods. 

Marine Science K-12

The ocean is a source of food and medicine, controls global climate, provides energy, supplies jobs, supports economies, and often is a romantic inspiration to the Art and Literary world. This section is meant to strengthen the awareness of oceanic & aquatic systems.

Vessel Operations

Maritime programs like Vessel Operations prepare students for careers as licensed deck crews, as well as serving as stepping stones for Post- Secondary Maritime School or positions aboard commercial and recreational maritime industries.

Small Boats

Building to teach is the main objective of why the use of boat building is such a powerful educational tool. Check out the schools through the Teaching with Small Boats Association (TWSBA) and local boat building programs in their area along with upcoming events and educational resources to implement in your classrooms.

Sail Training & Tall Ships

Great, “hands-on”, teaching tools, small boats are accessible to build and use. They are also adaptable. Across the United States, and around the world, every year small boats teach thousands of students everything from self-reliance to physical fitness, to math.  The Teaching with Small Boats Alliance and Building to Teach instructors provide networks of potential partners for Maritime high schools.

Additional sectors we will be incorporating include:

  • Career Pathways
  • Fundraising
  • Post-Secondary Education
  • Philanthropy

We are continuing to incorporate additional sectors of MPSEC. If you are an educator or industry professional and are interested in sharing your marine or maritime resources with the MPSEC community, contact us at