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Our Mission

Our Goals

The Maritime Primary and Secondary Education Coalition (MPSEC) actively promotes the advancement of maritime education within our country's primary and secondary schools, with a strong emphasis on cultivating the culture of sharing resources and fostering collaborative efforts.

This mission is executed through a well-connected network involving local, state, and federal agencies, private employers, maritime associations, institutions of higher education, and various dedicated partners who are keen on collaborating to enhance maritime education's effectiveness and reach.

  • Develop pathways for students into maritime careers
  • Connect industry, government and educators on a regional and national level
  • Collect and disseminate existing materials to schools and programs
  • Host webinars, conferences and meetings to discuss and share resources in maritime education
  • Support and maintain a community of members to connect and share information


Advisory Board

Dr. Arthur H Sulzer, EdD.

MPSEC Co-Chair
Co-founder, MPSEC

The Honorable Arthur H. Sulzer EdD, a graduate of SUNY Maritime College and retired merchant marine officer with MEBA, he holds a USCG Master’s Unlimited ocean license and Third Assistant Engineer’s unlimited hp license (steam, motor, gas turbine).  He completed 30 years of active and reserve service with the U.S. Navy and retired with the rank of Captain.  He holds several advanced degrees, M.S. Transportation Management from SUNY Maritime College, MBA Finance, Hofstra University and an Ed. D. Higher Education from University of Pennsylvania.  A founding member of Maritime for Primary and Secondary Coalition (MPSEC) a group that connects K-12 educators across the country and Maritime Academy Charter School with 850 grade 1-12 students in Philadelphia.  In addition to his involvement in maritime education, he is a professional surveyor and consultant and owner of a marine equipment company in the Port of Philadelphia.

In 2012 he was appointed by President Obama to the Saint Lawrence Seaway Development Corporation (SLSDC) Advisory Board where he continues to serve under President Trump.


Carleen Lyden Walker

MPSEC Co-Chair
Co-Founder & CEO, NAMEPA

Carleen Lyden Walker is a marketing and communications professional in the commercial maritime industry with over 40 years of experience.  She is the Chief Evolution Officer for SHIPPINGInsight- the fleet optimization and innovation conference and exhibition, founder and CEO of Morgan Marketing & Communications, and Co-Founder/Executive Director of NAMEPA (North American Marine Environment Protection Association).

She is an IMO Maritime Ambassador. In 2010, she was awarded the Certificate of Merit by the United States Coast Guard and in 2014 a Public Service Commendation for her work on World Maritime Day and AMVER, respectively. She held a Captain’s license to 100 tons. 

Molly Dushay

MPSEC Director, Webmaster
Education & Outreach Director, NAMEPA & Secondary Science Teacher

Equipped with her Bachelor of Science degree in Biology and a Master of Art degree in Teaching from Sacred Heart University, Molly has established herself as a dedicated science educator. Molly’s deep-rooted passion for marine and environmental science was sparked in her youth growing up on Long Island Sound. In her role as MPSEC Director, she leads the strategic efforts to promote maritime education in our nation’s primary and secondary schools through partnerships and resource sharing. 

As the Education & Outreach Director for the North American Marine Environment Protection Association (NAMEPA), Molly spearheads NAMEPA's education and outreach initiatives around public and student environmental stewardship and marine environmental awareness for maritime personnel. With a primary focus on developing and implementing comprehensive programs, she engages participants on mission-driven initiatives, grant-based projects, and informative programs in collaboration with diverse audiences including the public, students, and both shoreside and offshore maritime personnel. 

Molly is also a secondary science teacher and Adjunct Professor at Sacred Heart University.

Captain Aaron Singh

Maritime Education & Vessel Operations
The Urban Assembly New York Harbor School Waterfront Director

Captain Aaron Singh has been sailing for the last 25 years on a wide variety of commercial passenger vessels. He is currently on the Board of Tall Ships of America and has received several awards through his work in education and sail training including: Sail Trainer of the Year, and two Sea Education awards for outstanding programs in marine education. His love for being on the water began aboard a Sea Scout ship sailing out of City Island in the Bronx, NY. Like many sailors before him, the volunteer program at South Street Seaport Museum introduced him to schooners and subsequently led him to command every vessel that has operated out of South Street Seaport from a 600 passenger high-speed ferry to a wooden tug boat to a Gloucester fishing schooner.

In 2010, Captain Singh joined the teaching staff at New York Harbor School on Governors Island and created a three-year New York State certified maritime career and technical education (CTE) program for Vessel Operations. The program offers hands-on, practical training in New York Harbor, one of the busiest harbors in the United States. Many students enter the workforce on commercial vessels or choose to attend a maritime college, often pursuing seagoing careers. In addition to his teaching duties, he serves as the school’s Waterfront Director overseeing marine operations on Governors Island and at the Brooklyn Navy Yard for a variety of historic and modern training vessels. When he’s not in the classroom you can find him hiking, biking, sailing and road-tripping with his amazing seagoing family.

Lourdes Evans

Workforce Development
Senior Manager, Digital Services, Kongsberg

Lourdes Evans is the Digital Services Sales Manager- Maritime Simulation at Kongsberg Digital.  Based in Connecticut, USA.  Lourdes brings over 20 years’ experience in maritime and software solutions.  Today, she leads the Digital Services sales team promoting our K-Sim Connect digital platform and our cloud-based simulation solutions that improve maritime training and seafarers competencies and enhance safety and efficiency in operations at sea.  Lourdes is also a CMA member and the Co-President of the WISTA-CT Chapter.

Ted Davis

Maritime & Marine Science Education
Board of Directors, Academy of Environmental Science, Crystal River 

Most Americans have only a superficial awareness of how important the ocean and aquatic systems are to their daily lives (and to all life on Earth). The ocean is a source of food and medicine, controls global climate, provides energy, supplies jobs, supports economies, and often is a romantic inspiration to the Art and Literary world. The importance of MPSEC’s Marine & Aquatic Science editorial section is to strengthen the nation’s awareness of oceanic & aquatic systems by focusing on both formal and informal education efforts. School curricula, starting in kindergarten, should expose students to ocean issues, preparing the next generation of ocean scientists, managers, educators, and leaders through diverse educational opportunities. Formal education curricula may only reach students for a limited time while informal education (such as Tall Ship Sail Training) is needed to foster lifelong learning.

As the associate editor, Mr. Davis’ primary responsibility is to explore current marine & aquatic research especially as related to “Blue” or “Brown” water Jobs” which are jobs on the ocean, inland waterways, and the Great Lakes. Routine tasks typically include conceptualizing and pitching stories, interviewing sources, writing and editing, selecting photos and art to accompany articles, and proofreading. The associate marine & aquatic editor will also manage social media accounts and repurpose/curate content.

Lyn Harris

Marine Environmental Awareness & Education
Chief Operating Officer, NAMEPA

Lyn Harris has worked in the marine industry for over 20 years. She has built diverse set of management skills through her experience developing strategies and setting policies. She has established streamlined business processes to increase operational effectiveness that enhance the end user experience. Lyn has worked with NAMEPA for over six years. She provides day-to-day leadership and management in driving the mission and core values of the organization. She has identified and developed a strategy to build educational initiatives for seafarers, students and the public. She is a liaison in building alliances and partnerships for the mission of NAMEPA to "Save Our Seas."

Jan-Willem van den Dijssel

Workforce Development
America's Lead,
Cargill Ocean Transportation

Jan-Willem van den Dijssel is an accomplished trader and business leader with over 20 years’ experience in the maritime trading industry. In his current role, Jan-Willem is responsible for the general management of Cargill’s business across the Americas. 

Jan-Willem joined Cargill in 1996 as a grain trader in Santiago de Chile within the Latin America business unit. Later, he successfully held trading roles in Cargill’s global corporate headquarters in Minneapolis, Minnesota and in Miami, Florida.

In 2004, Jan-Willem moved to the Panamax desk of Cargill’s Ocean Transportation business in Geneva, Switzerland before he became manager of the Americas Handy desk.  In 2011, Jan-Willem joined the New Jersey office as Americas Commercial Manager. In 2014, he was promoted to his current role of Americas Lead.

Jan-Willem studied Finance and Accounting at Glasgow University and in 1995 he graduated with an MSc in Business and Commerce from Groningen University in the Netherlands.

In January 2018, Jan-Willem was named as Cargill’s board representative of the North American Marine Environment Protection Association.


About Cargill

Cargill’s ocean transportation is a leading freight-trading business which provides bulk shipping services to customers across the globe. Founded in 1956, Cargill commands the highest level of operational expertise which ensures the sustainable and efficient management of its 650-strong fleet. Cargill has a unique market perspective able to combine first-class operations with expert trading in both physical and financial freight markets.

Meghan Reilly

Maritime Education
Youth Mariner Program Director, Cape Cod Maritime Museum 
Education Associate, NAMEPA

Meghan Reilly is an Education Associate with NAMEPA and the Director of Youth Programs at the Cape Cod Maritime Museum. She has a passion for the ocean and the marine environment. She graduated from Massachusetts Maritime Academy in June of 2022 and earned a Bachelor of Science in Marine Science, Safety, and Environmental Protection with a minor in Marine Biology. While working with NAMEPA she has worked on the MARPOL Webinar Series, Chapter Outreach, and Career Development along with completing several other social media projects and educational materials. At the Cape Cod Maritime Museum, she runs the STEM-based summer camp, the Young Mariner Program and oversees all educational programs that the museum has to offer. 

Joe Youcha

Maritime Education & Small Boats
Director, Building To Teach

Joe Youcha developed and runs Building To Teach, a train the trainer program for hands-on math instructors. Building To Teach reintroduces the building process as a context for math instruction and brings more effective resources to young people who need math skills. Started with funding from the Office of Naval Research, and national in scope, the program utilizes all of Joe’s experiences as a wooden boat builder and non-profit executive. Joe also serves as Board Chair of the Teaching with Small Boats Alliance, a group of over 150 like-minded organizations serving their communities through the building and use of small boats.

Errin Howard

Maritime Education
Executive Director, RiverWorks Discovery®

Errin Howard began her career in the river industry as an educator in a booth at Tall Stacks for the first public presentation of RiverWorks Discovery in 2006 and is now the RWD Executive Director.  This adventure began with one single sponsor and the vision of Mark Knoy who at the time was president of AEP’s River Operations.  Today Errin and promotes, markets, and oversees all aspects of RiverWorks Discovery.  Errin also serves on the board of directors for CORBA (Central Ohio Rive Business Association.  She has a passion for the river industry and the people who make it what it is.  Currently the RWD program has has over 200 sponsors, 40 non-profit partners and has reached more than one million people since its inception.  Errin lives in Cincinnati, OH and has 3 adult children.  Taylor 22, Hannah 20 and Zach 18.

Lisa Morley

Maritime Training
Executive Vice President, Maritime Professional Training