Learn About MPSEC

Our Mission

The Maritime Primary and Secondary Education Coalition (MPSEC) actively promotes the advancement of maritime education within our country’s primary and secondary schools, with a strong emphasis on cultivating the culture of sharing resources and fostering collaborative efforts.

This mission is executed through a well-connected network involving local, state, and federal agencies, private employers, maritime associations, institutions of higher education, and various dedicated partners who are keen on collaborating to enhance maritime education’s effectiveness and reach.

Our Goals

  • Develop pathways for students into maritime careers
  • Connect industry, government and educators on a regional and national level
  • Collect and disseminate existing materials to schools and programs
  • Host webinars, conferences and meetings to discuss and share resources in maritime education
  • Support and maintain a community of members to connect and share information

Advisory Group

Dr. Arthur H Sulzer, EdD.

MPSEC Co-Chair

Co-founder, MPSEC

Carleen Lyden Walker

MPSEC Co-Chair

Co-Founder & CEO, NAMEPA

Molly Dushay

MPSEC Director, Webmaster

Education & Outreach Director, NAMEPA & Secondary Science Teacher

Captain Aaron Singh

Maritime Education & Vessel Operations

The Urban Assembly New York Harbor School Waterfront Director

Lourdes Evans

Workforce Development

Senior Manager, Digital Services, Kongsberg

Ted Davis

Maritime & Marine Science Education

Board of Directors, Academy of Environmental Science, Crystal River

Lyn Harris

Marine Environmental Awareness & Education

Chief Operating Officer, NAMEPA

Jan-Willem van den Dijssel

Workforce Development

America’s Lead, Cargill Ocean Transportation

Meghan Reilly

Maritime Education

Youth Mariner Program Director, Cape Cod Maritime Museum Education Associate, NAMEPA

Joe Youcha

Maritime Education & Small Boats

Director, Building To Teach

Errin Howard

Maritime Education

Executive Director, RiverWorks Discovery®

Lisa Morley

Maritime Training

Executive Vice President, Maritime Professional Training