Blue Water


Blue water shipping refers to marine transportation that occurs in international waters or deep-sea routes where vessels traverse across the ocean to transport goods.

Often, blue water is associated with long-haul or intercontinental shipping and typically involves larger vessels such as container ships, dry bulk carriers, and tankers. 


Promote and foster a culture of safety among members.

Encourage and increase the size and diversity to include more women and other underrepresented groups by providing targeted outreach, mentorship, and support for career advancement.

Support continuing education and professional learning by helping seafarers stay up to date with best practices to help them remain competitive in the job market and contribute to the improvement of the industry. 

Blue Water Resources

From top news headlines, regulatory challenges and solutions, and education resources, MPSEC has a compendium of information for students, educators, and industry stakeholders. 


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Discover maritime professions with job descriptions, salary ranges, & qualifications. MPSEC thanks coalition member, RiverWorks Discovery, for this invaluable resource!

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